Beth's Testimonial

"When describing her transformation under Mike's guidance, Beth says, "I began my weight loss journey in January 2016, when the scale was nearing 200 pounds. Although I was a "regular" at my local gym, I was in a rut, and yo-yo dieting was not making any significant differences in my weight. I had never worked with a personal trainer before. I certainly wasn't sure that a young bodybuilder would be a good match for me, a mid-50's woman who was a little shy and very insecure about my body. Mike proved me wrong within the first five minutes.

I've worked with Mike weekly for about six months. He also offered nutritional counseling. We reviewed my diet, and he gave weekly guidelines and nutritional adjustments. Beyond that, Mike has become a "health mentor" of sorts to me. He is not beyond pushing me on my least favorite workouts, but does so in a very safe, encouraging manner. The combination of nutritional counseling and training has made all of the difference in my weight loss of twenty six pounds and counting! I've dropped two and a half clothing sizes, my energy and stamina have dramatically increased, and I feel like a different person.

While I'm still not at my goal weight, I know that continuing this journey with Mike's guidance, without a doubt, will bring me to that goal. Thank you to Mike and thank you to God for guiding me in this journey."