Cassandra's Testimonial

"I started a journey to live an overall healthier life style. During this journey I lost some weight and since I go to one of the gyms Mike works at, he complimented the weight loss and asked how I was doing it, as well as once I hit my goal how I planned to maintain it. I wasn't sure and thought I would figure it out when I got to that point. Instead of waiting, I decided to work with Mike to lose the remaining weight as well as learn how to maintain. Mike not only helped me lose the weight but helped me push myself to new limits between weight training and HIIT, and to not strictly focusing on cardio. Mike is not just knowledgeable but when working with him you will get honest, non-judgmental, realistic and supportive guidance. Mike isn't your typical coach, he looks at each client as an individual and understands that everyone's body is different. He takes the time to learn how your body reacts as changes to your macros happen, and adjusts the numbers to best fit you. He wants you to be able to create something that is sustainable for life, not what is good for the moment. Mike also helped me to learn to not let the number on the scale effect me and to focus on how my body felt and how it was developing. I consider myself lucky to be working with Mike and highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to reach their goals, sustain them and have someone who will teach, encourage, and cheer you on the entire way! I may have hit my weight goal but I look forward as I continue the journey with Mike to develop my body more."