Rachael's Testimonial

"My fitness journey started about 8 years ago, and square one was without a doubt intimidating. It took me about 7 years to believe that I had the proper foundation and enough confidence to step out on stage for a NPC competition. I wasn’t certain where to start or who to look to for knowledgeable advice. I reached out to several people that I knew and trusted and many answered one name without any hesitation, Mike Evangelis. I contacted Mike after hearing nothing but great things, and soon understood why he had such an exceptional reputation.

    The first time Mike and I sat down to discuss my expectations for competing, I could sense his love for fitness as well as his optimism to make my goals a reality. We came to a mutual understanding that day, knowing the journey ahead was going to be anything but easy. I welcomed the challenge with the assurance that I was being led by someone composed of great intelligence who shared the same excitement to achieve the success story I had set out for myself. I was faced with different struggles and doubts each week leading to the day of the competition, and through every weak moment Mike was there to listen, understand, and remind me of why I started.

    I don’t know if I would’ve ever felt ready for the day I stepped out in front of a line of judges if it wasn’t for the encouragement and motivation that Mike had given me through the process. On that day, Mike calmed my nerves, corrected my posing, and made sure all of my nutritional needs were met so that I displayed the best physique possible on stage. We earned third and fourth place, and I still can’t put the feelings I felt under those bright lights into words.

    The attention to detail and individualized plans that Mike takes the time to develop for each client sets him apart from the rest. He genuinely wants you to become the vision you hope that your future self will be, through hard work and commitment. NO SHORTCUTS. When people ask me who to go to for fitness advice, (regardless of how big or small their goal may be) I answer one name without any hesitation, Mike Evangelis."